Entrepreneurial Development

There are currently small groups of craft artisans in various crafts all over the parish of Westmoreland. In Bluefields Bay, the craft artisans if given the opportunity through training, could offer a distinct brand to local and tourist visitors. A consultant with the Jamaica Business Development Center (JBDC), hired by The Caribsave Partnership, came to Bluefields to survey and write up a report about the the local artisans and agro-prosessors. The consultant met with the BBFFS and Westmoreland Organic Farmers Society in order to assertion the viability of income generating and alternative livelihood opportunities around the Bluefields Bay.


Agro-Processing by the Westmoreland Organic Farmers Society


Crochet placemats made by the Westmoreland Organic Farmers Society

The intention for the baseline demographic study is to develop a craft hub that will facilitate a market for the selling of craft. The groups’ collaborative approach in this regard will deepen the community tourism thrust. All community members interviewed for this study see the critical need for the Craft & Agro-processing hub and marketplace to be activated at the Belmont Fishing Village sooner than later to facilitate the selling of craft as the launching pad to success.

Woodcarvers, Jewelry-makers, Seamstresses, Crochet Knitters, Leather Designers, Screen & Dye Printers, Hand Painters, Straw/Basket Weavers

Jewelry may by Gerry

Jewelry made by Gerry


Members of the BBFFS


Wicker Products By Amlack


Westmoreland Organic Farmers Society Demonstration Farm


Organic Honey made by a member of the Westmoreland Organic Farmers Society


Handmade table by Gerry


Bluefields Artisans from Left to Right: Gerry, Narissa, Calo, Barbara, Patricia, Theresa, George, Maxine, Barry


BBFFS Aquaponic Unit


George specializes in shoe repair and leather works


Jamaican Tody by Gerry


Woodcarvings by Gerry


Printing at Cota Craft


Painting and woodcarvings from Studio Black


Barry showing off his calabash art


BBFFS member modeling Cota Craft chef hat and apron. Fish carving accessory provided by Studio Black.


Art by Studio Black


Craft and agro-processing display


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