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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABluefields Bay Fish Sanctuary

The BBFFS is responsible for managing the Bluefields Bay Fish Sanctuary Sanctuary, educating the neighboring communities about the importance of the Sanctuary, partnering with funders and university groups to conduct research in and around the Sanctuary, and fundraising to ensure the preservation of the Bluefields Bay Fish Sanctuary into the future.

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Turtle Monitoring Project

The BBFFS was selected by JET to manage the implementation of the Turtle Monitoring Project in the Bluefields area in 2011. Led by Project Manager and BBFFS Treasurer Barbara Blythe, the BBFFS team worked to educate the community about the importance of protecting turtles and their eggs and collect detailed information regarding turtle nesting activity in the Bluefields area.

BluefieldsMarketplaceDesign (2)Bluefields Marketplace Revitalization

The BBFFS is implementing a plan to revitalize the Bluefields Marketplace to serve as a weekly fruit, vegetable, and fish market, host weekly craft days for local artisans to sell their wares to locals and tourists, and provide a safe, healthy location for local community-based events. A Fishers & Farmers Gear Store will provide essential equipment to the whole community at a reasonable price, with all profits going back into community-based projects or being distributed to BBFFS members.

The Food for the Poor Fishing Village Project (FPFVP):

1)Four 28 foot fiberglass boats with four 40 horsepower Yamaha engines.Status:received and distributed

2)Fishing gear (lines, compass, 8 large igloo coolers, 12 life jackets, 4 GPS units) and other accessories.Status:received and distributed

3)Two freezersStatus:installed in Society office building

4)A twenty eight by eighteen foot building to use as an office.Status:constructed and in use

5)Office equipments and supplies.Status:Received and in use.

6)Installation of electricity in the office valued seventy thousand (J$70,000.00) dollars. Status:Received and in use.

FPFVP Housing Project:

1)Fifty-six  housing units (18 X 12) (Note: a double unit is made of two units): Status:Construction complete and receptions have received the houses.

2)Eighty beds and other furniture Status:Received and distributed

3)A communal bathroom has been built in Auldayr with six flush toilets, face basins and showers. Two tank stands have been built and three one thousand gallons water tanks have been installed plus the running off a pipe line from the main. Status:Completed.

4)The Society had contacting the Rural Electrification Programme to come in and install electricity in all the FPFVP houses. Status:in progress

The fishing village and villages that received housing will have an opening ceremony on a date to be determined. The fishing village will be called “Gordon Fishing Village at Bluefields Fishing Beach” named in honor of the family that donated the money. Status:signage is at the Society’s office to be installed.

The housing village in Auldayr will be called “Matilda Williams Heights” in honor of the late Matilda Williams who owned the property that the houses are built on. Status:signage is at the Society’s office to be installed.

Gear shed repairs:

Received JMD $400,000.00 dollars in materials under the FPFVP to repair the Belmont and Cave. Status:Repairs in progress.

Bluefields Bay Marine Show Overview:

The first annual Bluefields Bay Marine Show was held on December 23, 2007.In addition to being a successful fundraiser, the event highlighted health, environment and continuing education issues and provided entertainment though boat races, music, and dancing.Overall, more than 200 people from across the country participated in the event.This report summarizes the day’s activities, recognizes our sponsors, provides details on the financial outcome, and constructs a framework for the 2008 Bluefields Bay Marine Show.

Continuation of the Housing Project:

We will be continuing with the housing project. We have 40 names on record requesting housing assistance.In addition to fundraising for the Egg Project, FP will be also be seeking funding for the continued housing project.Status:In progress.

Cave Basic School:

We have negotiating with FP for a forty (40) by twenty (20) school building which include canteen toilet and classrooms. Status:completed.

Bluefields Bay Marina:

We will be building a marina to accommodate small fishing and sporting vessels for a fee. Status:in planning

Land security:

We have leased the Belmont and Cave fishing beaches and land for the egg project. We will continue to lease and we will buy when we can afford to. Status:We have served a letter to Beverly Campbell to refunding of lease payment re egg project land due to lock of an agreement.

FPFVP Fishing Beach Competition:

The Society had Senior Citizens Appreciation Day at which 37 persons received health checks, entertainment, food, and transportation. We received honorable mention and won prizes. This will be an annual event.Status:Complete for 2007.

Revolving Loan Scheme:

There is a need for small business loans in the Bluefields community.We were lending money to our members, but we didn’t have an official loan programme.CJMAS has started the programme by donating ninety-five (95) thousand dollars, which we are lending at fix rate of 8%. Status:On going.

Environmental Training:

We have nine game wardens appointed and trained by NEPA and the team has been working to protect turtle nesting sites. We have seized turtle shells, projected their next breeding period and successfully seen to the release of 870 hatchlings.

We are working with the Marine Police and the Jamaica Coast Guide to fight dynamiting in the bay.

We have participated in the International Coastal Cleanup Day last years. We have cleaned the Belmont Fishing Beach and Mangrove with the help of Bluefields People’s Community Association and Sandals White House European Village and Spa. Sixty bags of garbage were collected.

Health Training and Sensitization

Due to the poor hygiene, malnutrition and improper waist disposal Carrie Eklund had been working with the community to improve the above. Status:On going.

Cold Storage:

The Society has negotiated a cold storage unit from Food for the Poor. Fishers have to be staying from sea after they full their small freezer from one trip at sea. The will see us install a 10X10 foot walk-in freezer on the Belmont Fishing Beach that can hold thousands of pound on fish. Status: on going.

Committee of Management Meeting:

The Committee of Management set its meeting biweekly which see us having 26 meeting for the year. We were able to assemble a quorum for every meeting except on a few occasions when it rain or when the date fell on a public holiday.

General Membership Meeting:

At the start of the year meetings were set biweekly which would have allowed us to have 26 meetings for the calendar year. We were able to assemble a quorum for most of the year but on few occasions a quorum was not passable due to rain or public holidays.

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